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5 MUST Inspirational content every woman should know

Being a young women professional I encountered many challenges, that as I started reading and exploring, I found out are specific for women. The way we were raised, thought, our role models, the toys we played with, our afternoon activities - all of those affected how we behave today in our grownup professional world.

At the begining of my career, working for a VC in tech, I wrote a blog post that went viral called: "Where are all the women mentors?". Since then I started reading and was introduced to more and more content that evolves tools that are helpful for women and I would like to share this must read list with you.

5 MUST Inspirational content every woman should know

"Lean In" / Sheryl Sendberg

This is my bible.

Bobbi Brown / Masterclass

I believe that makeup is power. We can be super tired, and multitask 10,000 chores and projects but when we enter a room we will role it. Make up can really help us there if we know how to use it right. This is why I loved this masterclass course with Bobbi Brown who teaches how to put on makeup for work in 5 minutes and how to wear natural makeup. I think a good makeup course is a must for every woman.

The Magic of Not Giving a F*** | Sarah Knigh

Talk about a mind blowing, life changing idea - Sarah Knigh claims we have just so many fucks to give during our time on this planet and we should use them carefully. As a women especially, I find that I care too much about what others think and I have a need to please everyone. I can't stand to have someone mad at me. I'm still in a process, I'm not entirely free, so every now and then I'd go back to this talk. Mindblowing. You may read the book, but I suggest you start with this great 12 min. TED talk by Sarah Knigh. You won't regret it.

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