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5 MUST Inspirational content every woman should know

עודכן: 11 בפבר׳ 2021

Being a young women professional I encountered many challenges, that as I started reading and exploring, I found out are specific for women. The way we were raised, thought, our role models, the toys we played with, our afternoon activities - all of those affected how we behave today in our grownup professional world.

At early stages of my career, working for a VC in tech, I wrote a blog post that went viral called: "Where are all the women mentors?". Since then I started reading and was introduced to more and more content that evolves tools that are helpful for women and I would like to share this must read list with you.

5 MUST Inspirational content every woman should know
5 MUST Inspirational content every woman should know

This is my bible.

I've heard so much criticism towards this book since it came out; with some I agree, with some I don't. But mostly, I can't ignore the fact that this book was the biggest eye opener for me as a young career women who really thought we were born and raised equally and therefore can and will achieve the same goals. Once I read this book and recognized so many patters that I identified with, I just couldn't turn back. From my tendency to sit quietly during meeting even though I have so much to say, to learning to sit at the table and talk. From my women tendency to leave before I leave just because I'm pregnant or plan to have a baby, to pushing harder and proving that even though I'm making a human right now, I'm still pushing hard at work. I left 2 jobs due to this book. Stupid or brave? I don't know. Time will tell. But the one thing I can tell you - it's my MUST READ FOR WOMEN.

I believe that makeup is power. We can be super tired, and multitask 10,000 chores and projects but when we enter a room we will role it. Make up can really help us there if we know how to use it right. This is why I loved this masterclass course with Bobbi Brown who teaches how to put on makeup for work in 5 minutes and how to wear natural makeup. I think a good makeup course is a must for every woman.

Talk about a mind blowing, life changing idea - Sarah Knigh claims we have just so many fucks to give during our time on this planet and we should use them carefully. As a women especially, I find that I care too much about what others think and I have a need to please everyone. I can't stand to have someone mad at me. I'm still in a process, I'm not entirely free, so every now and then I'd go back to this talk. Mindblowing. You may read the book, but I suggest you start with this great 12 min. TED talk by Sarah Knigh. You won't regret it.

One thing / Gary Keller

When I read this book, a lot of what the author suggested made sense to me but also got me super upset. I felt like this book, whose main thesis is that if you want to succeed you should just one thing at a time, has to be a man. Us women, we multitask, we deal with 10 different things at a time, our minds are never free to just focus on just ONE THING, and we can do it all. But. and this is a huge but. I believe he had a solid point. When you do just one thing, focus all of your energy into doing this one thing - you are bound to succeed. Also, since reading this book I've noticed something about me and the women around me - multitasking is actually a lie. I don't really focus on writing this email while holding on the line for the school to answer so that I can register my kids. I don't really focus on the conversation during the meeting while using my computer to deal with some really minor tiny tasks. I noticed it with other career women or girl friends around me who are convinced that they are completely focused on me and our conversation during a meeting while they only look at the phone; text; calendar message; answer a quick reply on whatsapp: "yes yes I'm with you carry on" - and in a few seconds I'll realize they really weren't focused at all. So yes, a lot of lessons to be learned from this book, for us women too. Not sure how we stop multitasking all together, but we begin by realizing that it actually hurts our career and doesn't grow it.

You might be reading this title and think it's offensive to women that I put an "how tidy up" book in our pile of inspirational books for women. Well, yes I did, but no, it's not a tidy up book in my view. This book changed my philosophy of how I shop, acquire new stuff, to how I view the things and even people in my life. It started with me organising my closet and testing every item to see if they bring me joy or not; and from that point on I found myself implementing this method to so many other aspects in my life. I believe it's a great book for women because it helps us focus on us. On our needs and wants. and on what actually brings us joy.

Any more books I have to read? Enjoying this list? Please write me and tell me! and of-course recommend to your friends!

**The attached links are coded affiliate links - which means that if you'll buy directly through them I get a tiny commission out of it. It of course doesn't change the total price for you and if anything - it's your way to


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